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5 Myths on Green Businesses

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  Tuesday April 17, 2012

5 Myths on Green Businesses

Businesses are trying to go green due to new legislations or sincere attempts to lower their environmental impacts. If you are trying to go green, try to avoid these 5 common myths.

(1) Becoming Green is costly:
On most occasions you can actually save money by going green, e.g. using both sides of your printing paper or by simply unplugging your charger.

(2) Sticking a "Green Label" on products is enough:
There are simple ways to demonstrate your responsibility to the environment such as offsetting your organisation carbon footprint and ensuring your supply chain do the same.

(3) If I am Not 100% Green, I can't mention it:
It is near impossible to be 100% green, if you promote the little you're doing, your efforts will be recognised and it will encourage others.

(4) It is obvious that my organisation is Green:
It is worth promoting your eco-friendliness as this could improve the image of your organisation.

(5) I have to pay organisations to be green:
Sometimes it's worth investing in accreditations to show your green intentions. However, using your own methods are also valuable as long as you have a written statement on your own approach to be eco friendly .