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London Business Cleaning

Business CleaningOur research shows that companies reluctantly have to change their cleaning services providers every 18 months on average.

At Tarem Services we believe in long term relationship, we view them as partners and go the extra length to understand their needs, culture and business objectives.

Contract cleaning is very personal, even to a large organisation, we understand that.  Hence our clients benefit from a relationship that is built on trust.  It is important we provide a clean and conducive environment for our clients, who also are our stakeholders. The success of their business is directly linked with ours, therefore, we do not take both our Clients and staff for granted.

In our experience, some of the areas that require cleaning in an office based environment or Business Centres will include but not be limited to:

  • Reception/waiting area
  • Open plan offices
  • Common Areas
  • Kitchenettes
    • Stairs and hallways
    • Computer/server Rooms
    • Glass partitions
    • Toiletts/Rest rooms
    • Floorings
    • Meeting rooms



‘We’re very satisfied with Tarem. They have provided a consistently good standard of cleaning. The supervisor is friendly and quick to respond to any problems.’ DE, Building Manager Business Centre, London.

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When you sign up to our professional business cleaning, pay only labour costs for the first month and save yourself a bunch of cash. You will also receive a free deep clean and carpet clean.

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