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Contract Cleaning Review

Contract Cleaning Review


Tarem Service will be going around London in the coming few months providing organisations with an insight to our unique services and providing free quotes to Facility Managers who are looking to review their cleaning contracts.

This will be a good opportunity for you to compare and see exactly where you stand with your current contractors and also looking to the future, to see how you can develop and improve the services you receive. If you are a facility manager or if you deal with cleaning matters and you want us to come over to your premises, invite us in for a chat.

Up until the end of the Olympics you will be eligible for ONE MONTHS worth of FREE CLEANING. During that time you will have the opportunity to see our unique service in action and you won't have to pay a penny for it either.

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Over the past 12 years we have perfected our services by providing a problem free solution to all our customers. See what they have to say about us on our pages.

You can call us at the office or contact us through our webpage, or you can email us. Don't miss out on an opportunity to review where you stand and how you can go forward.