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Green Cleaning London

Take further measures to implement good working practises. Use a carbon zero supply chain through your service provider. As a social enterprise, we re-invest back in our community.
“Green cleaning and ethical cleaning is all about being both socially and environmentally responsible, maintaining professionalism and providing a seamless cleaning service for your clients.”

green cleaning

Businesses can be both profitable and responsible. Tarem have sought to achieve these aims in all our operations. We're regarded as the last line of defence in terms of energy reduction and cost savings.

Green cleaning means you can reduce your energy costs and lower your environmental impact.

Our clients benefit from free energy audits, monthly ‘out of hours’ energy reports. We set up and monitor recycling systems on our clients’ sites. Needless to say all our products are eco-friendly. Furthermore, our clients can boast of a carbon zero supply chain as we offset our carbon footprint created to deliver our services.

Green Cleaning means the regular planting of trees

It is estimated that the average person in the UK consumes the equivalent of 12 trees a year. This present rate of world consumption is unsustainable and yet trees are vital to our life.

green cleaning As an eco-gift, Tarem Services plants a tree for every contract we win. This one tree will remove around a tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere in its lifetime.

You can use green cleaning to reduce your energy wastage and linked emissions and improve your Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy. This is essentially our aim; to implement green cleaning methods for every cleaning contract. Sign up to our Green Cleaning methods today.

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