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Massive Savings on your Cleaning Contract

Tarem Services has been cleaning London's commercial properties since 1998; with over a decade of experience, we have been cleaning up and greening up offices across London.

Get 10% Cash back on Annual Contracts!

Due to the high success rate of the Olympic special offer campaign, (resulting in a 100% increase in demand) Tarem Services are delighted to offer you the opportunity to participate in our new reward scheme initiative.

Sign up before the 1st of December 2012 to our carbon zero cleaning services and get 10% cash back on the annual value of your cleaning contract at the end of the year. To take advantage of this offer contact us online or call us on: 020 7358 8000.


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Over the past 14 years we have perfected our services by providing a problem free solution to all our customers. See what they have to say about us on our pages.

You can call us at the office or contact us through our webpage, or you can email us. Don't miss out on an opportunity to review where you stand and how you can go forward.