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Even though a company has pressures from financial directors and investors to look at their bottom line (profit), some of the companies are understanding the bigger role companies in general can play in the society they are operating in. Being a social enterprise doesn’t mean being social within the enterprise, but it means being social with the community the company is operating in.


The founders of Tarem were working in the cleaning sector themselves before starting the company, and observed problems emerging from the fact that this sector is driven just by profits. So different type of a cleaning company was started: a Social Enterprise.


Tarem Services is an innovative and forward thinking Cleaning Company which specializes in School and Business Cleaning. It is very active in the non-profit sector and it is the kind of company that takes advantage of its position to assist clients reduce their energy and material waste.


Cleaning companies usually have a bad reputation from the environmental side of business due to their chemical use, but Tarem considers itself to be the last line of defence, environmentally speaking, as this company monitors the amount of waste the clients are disposing and reports ‘out of hours’ energy waste to them, therefore supporting them in reducing their environmental impact.


The other thing the cleaning industry has a bad reputation of is the unsociable and underpaid hours the cleaners are forced to work. In Tarem, the cleaners are actual shareholders of the company, giving them a vested interest in the success of the business. Furthermore, for each school or business cleaning contract Tarem wins, a tree gets planted to offset the environmental impact generated to service the contract.


Tarem Services was given funds by the Princes trust in 1999 that were allocated to establish an ethical contract school and business cleaning company. It’s directors believe in giving the young generation the same opportunities that the founders of the company got in the past, therefore, the company takes time and a percentage of the made profit to reinvest back into the general wellbeing of the society through different charitable organisations, one of which is the same Princess trust that originally financed the company.

As a Contract Cleaning Company, we have the opportunity to add value to our clients’ business by providing them a clean and conducive working/teaching and studying environment. What is more satisfying is the privilege we have in partnering with our stakeholders to give back to the society we live and work in. We like to call it Social cleaning.

Some of the charities we support through client partnerships are listed below.

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social cleaningThe East Africa appeal
Tarem Services has tried to ease the suffering of the drought victims by raising over £1000 to send to the Horn of Africa

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ethical cleaningThe charities we chose.
We decided to create a fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving as part of our ethical cleaning promotion and our chosen charities to use where Medecines Sans Frontieres (MSF) and Oxfam.








The Tarem award has been in place now close to a year, 
The Tarem Award is a quartely grant (£250 per quarter) aimed at providing some financial support to predominantly organisations who work with children and young adults in London

Tarem award winners
Our first ever winners off the award was The Tower Hamlets Deaf Childrens Society who work with deaf children and provide them with the extra attention they need. The winners of this years second quarter is Kori - Youth Develepment Program; "Developing and enhancing the potential, skills and talent of young people using the arts, sports, academic support, cultural and environmental education for the benefit of their communities.".

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Tarem Services has finally handed out it's first ever Tarem Award. The quarterly grant scheme aimed at aiding organisations who work with disadvantaged children. The grant adds up to £1000 every year and all London based organisations are encouraged to apply. This quarter’s winners have been identified as the Tower Hamlets deaf children’s Society based in Bethnal Green East London.
social cleaningThe organisation has expressed its gratitude with the funding as they have been short on cash recently. One of their translators donates some of her wages back to the charity and we felt inspired and honoured to have helped. The next window is now open and all applicants who deal with children are welcome to apply.

Second Period Winners

Our second quarter winners of the Tarem Award are KORI Youth Development. KORI is an after school activity project which aims to get children into sports music and art. They have mentorship programmes for young people and often, mentors are children who have come up through the KORI programme. Set up through the director Odiri, KORI is also working in Tanzania where they support a school there.This project has been going on for 3 years now.

ethical cleaning

The grant will go towards developing a new website to create awareness and promote the work they are doing. At the moment, they currently only have a holding page. It is worth noting that their local council; Haringey has lost up to 75% of their funding for the youth services and because of that many other youth organisations have closed down. 

It was clear to us when we visited that children benefited immensely from the range of activities that were provided and in the long term, children who have these facilities available to them are less likely to go to the streets and join gangs or commit crimes; something highlighted by the London riots, and more needs to be done to support such organisations.

Our new winners of the Tarem award are: The Treasures Foundation. This organisation are more than worthy winners for the positive work that they do.

"Treasures Foundation is established to provide recovery homes, training and support for women who have been released from prison and also women who are recovering from substance miss-use, with the aim of supporting them in their journey to a crime and drugs free life"



 Winners of the Tarem Award this time round are the fantastically named "Blessed to be a Blessing" organisation

This organisation works with the poorest of people; those born into destitute and have no way out. We are extremely proud to have contributed to this organisation which has worked with people all across the globe; from the Philippines to Brazil. Congratulations Blessed to be a Blessing.



November 2013 winners of the Tarem Award are the Philipines Fund; for the alleviation of suffering after the ordeal that was the Philipines Typhoon Haiyan.

People urgently need food and supplies as mass wreckage damaged homes, crops and the lives of thousands of people. According to the NDRRMC (National Disaster Risk Reduction management Council}, reports calculate that due the disaster 4,011 are dead, 18,557 injured and 1,602 missing! Although aid is coming from all over the globe, much needs to be done still in order to ease the suffering of the nation.



The Tarem Award is a quartely grant (£250 per quarter) aimed at providing some financial support to predominantly organisations who work with children and young adults in London. It was set up through the directors in a bid to <em>'give something back'</em> to the community and improve awareness of how critical <em>'local business support'</em> is for the community.

All London based organisations who work with children are welcome to apply. Please complete the form and submit before any stated deadlines to ensure your submited form is reviewed.
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<b>Applications are now open from the 1st Aug 2013 until 1st Oct 2013</b>. Good luck!

Social cleaning

The role of non-profit organisations is invaluable in our society.

As a registered Social Enterprise, we have an outward looking approach to how we conduct our cleaning operations. Being experts in our area of discipline – which is daily contract cleaning, our aim is to ensure you focus on what you do best. Furthermore we will have the opportunity to support your cause.

 Our experience within the social sector has afforded us to understand the need for flexibility and adapting to the changing needs of our clients.

Depending on the type of building, generally, the areas that require office cleaning when working with non-profit organisations will include but not be limited to:

  • Small/Medium/Large Office Spaces
  • Staff rooms
  • Reception Areas
  • Common Rooms
    • Canteen
    • Hallways/Stairs/Lifts
    • Kitchens
    • Toilets/restrooms
    • Floorings
    • Meeting rooms


‘As a charity, we’re always looking for the most cost effective suppliers. We have found Tarem to be a true value for money service provider and, equally importantly, always respond straight away when we need to contact them."RB, Finance and Property Manager, Charity, Central London.

Our Coverage Areas

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We will support your cause

Not only do we have shared values and common goals, your organisation will also benefit from a reduced cleaning rate and have the opportunity to enter our quarterly Tarem award scheme.

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