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Social Enterprise - Tarem Services perspective from the ethical point of view

Even though a company has pressures from financial directors and investors to look at their bottom line (profit), some of the companies are understanding the bigger role companies in general can play in the society they are operating in. Being a social enterprise doesn’t mean being social within the enterprise, but it means being social with the community the company is operating in.


The founders of Tarem were working in the cleaning sector themselves before starting the company, and observed problems emerging from the fact that this sector is driven just by profits. So different type of a cleaning company was started: a Social Enterprise.


Tarem Services is an innovative and forward thinking Cleaning Company which specializes in School and Business Cleaning. It is very active in the non-profit sector and it is the kind of company that takes advantage of its position to assist clients reduce their energy and material waste.


Cleaning companies usually have a bad reputation from the environmental side of business due to their chemical use, but Tarem considers itself to be the last line of defence, environmentally speaking, as this company monitors the amount of waste the clients are disposing and reports ‘out of hours’ energy waste to them, therefore supporting them in reducing their environmental impact.

The other thing the cleaning industry has a bad reputation of is the unsociable and underpaid hours the cleaners are forced to work. In Tarem, the cleaners are actual shareholders of the company, giving them a vested interest in the success of the business. Furthermore, for each school or business cleaning contract Tarem wins, a tree gets planted to offset the environmental impact generated to service the contract.

Tarem Services was given funds by the Princes trust in 1999 that were allocated to establish an ethical contract school and business cleaning company. It’s directors believe in giving the young generation the same opportunities that the founders of the company got in the past, therefore, the company takes time and a percentage of the made profit to reinvest back into the general wellbeing of the society through different charitable organisations, one of which is the same Princess trust that originally financed the company.