Tarem Services is a cleaning company with a difference.  Created in 1999 by using a Prince’s Trust grant, it is also a social enterprise.  Our aim is to make positive change by reinvesting in our workforce.


Why we exist

As a cleaning company in London, we appreciate the responsibilities of our role. A Workers need to be committed and cared for and that is where we are different from other companies.

The founders of Tarem Services spent 7 years operating within the cleaning industry and were concerned to see that many cleaners struggled financially.  With some jobs only lasting a couple of hours, many had to travel to 3 or 4 sites across London, just to make a living.  Yet cleaners provide a fantastic service; without them, buildings look uncared for and places such as offices, hospitals and schools become unwelcoming and unhygienic.

No workspace can operate efficiently or professionally without the use of cleaners.  Just as businesses rely on heating, light and IT facilities to function, so cleaners are essential too.  And here lies the problem as very often cleaning attracts one of the lowest wages and many operatives feel unrewarded and disposable.

How we make a difference

In 2006 we made it our goal to change this.  We ensure that the cleaners working for us are recognised for the important and essential work that they do.  They need to feel as important as any doctor, teacher or lawyer as without them, society would cease to function.  We achieve this by enabling them to share in the success of the business and become shareholders for FREE.  Not only do our employees receive 6 monthly dividends from the profits made by the company, but they also receive a share of the profit produced by the individual contract they are working on.

The result

This unprecedented move has transformed the lives of our staff.  Our staff turnover is exceptionally low, the workforce puts in the maximum amount of effort and each contract is finished to a very high standard.  Altogether it is a win-win scenario; we are delighted, so are our clients and the efforts that we make are going towards tackling in-work poverty.

As a social enterprise, we also get involved in a variety of other social and environmental causes such as assisting our clients in reducing their waste and offsetting our own carbon emissions produced whilst servicing contracts. A part of our profits also go towards supporting various charities on a monthly basis. Tarem Services is also proud to be recognised as an ethical company in the Good Shopping Guide.

Talk to us

Get in touch today and find out how our cleaning services can benefit your organisation as well as becoming part of our social enterprise movement.

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