About Us

Pioneering Social Change Through Ethical Services

Tarem Services Limited is a Social Enterprise Company, founded in 1999 with a critical mission: to tackle in-work poverty and inspire social value across the UK. With the support of a Prince’s Trust grant, our ethos is rooted in empowering our workforce and amplifying awareness around the vital issue of in-work poverty, driving meaningful social change.

In the bustling city of London, and beyond, we emerged as a beacon of hope. By recognising cleaners and service workers as the backbone of urban life, we are committed to elevating their status, ensuring they receive the respect, living wage, and recognition they deserve.

We’re Making a Difference

Our mission since 2006 has been to transform the landscape for cleaners and service workers, acknowledging their indispensable role in our society. Our comprehensive approach includes:

Monthly Profit Sharing and Employee Involvement: Solidifying our ethos of fairness and collective success, every team member from our diligent cleaners to our dedicated admin staff shares in the profits, reinforcing our belief in a shared stake in our flourishing business.

Environmental Stewardship: Our commitment to the planet is intrinsic to our operations. From utilising environmentally friendly products to pioneering waste reduction techniques, every action we take is guided by sustainability. Tarem Services proudly stands as a guardian of our environment, pledging to contribute to a healthier world for generations to come.

Social Engagement: Our vision transcends the provision of cleaning services. We are deeply engaged in initiatives designed to combat in-work poverty and promote social welfare, thus extending our impact beyond our direct services.

The Impact of Our Work

Our innovative model has profoundly enhanced the lives of our staff, setting new standards in service delivery and ethical business practices. This commitment has not only delighted our clients, but as an ethical business, we’ve been recognised by the Good Shopping Guide for our concerted efforts.

Join the Movement

Experience the Tarem difference. Reach out to us today and discover how our cleaning services can benefit your organisation while aligning with a larger social mission. Together, let’s champion social change and create a more equitable society.

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