Tackling in-work poverty

As a social enterprise based in London, our main focus is on tackling in-work poverty.  For this reason, we provide each of our employees with shares in the profits of the Tarem Services, enabling them to benefit from the success they are contributing towards.

Experience has shown us that cleaning is one of the lowest paid jobs in the UK and also one of the most important.  However, this is not always recognised by users of the service nor the cleaners themselves.  Without cleaners, our buildings would soon become depressingly dirty and grimy, unwelcoming and a haven for germs and disease.  But on low wages, most cleaners have to juggle 3 to 4 jobs per night, on contracts paying only the living wage™ which in fact equates to only the minimum wage. By the time rent, utilities and travel is paid, many are left having to rely on foodbanks to supplement any groceries they may be able to afford.

This is just not acceptable and we do everything possible to change this:

  • All of our employees are shareholders in the business
  • As well as receiving dividends, cleaners get a direct profit share on the contract they are working on
  • We advocate provision of the London living wage™ and are a certified LLW employer

Our Philanthropic Initiatives

Tarem Award was set up over 10 years ago as part of our Social commitment.  This exists to recognise and award various other charities that work with and support the same causes that we do, such as those who help to tackle in-work poverty, youth organisations and others.

Furthermore, we support various other charities through donations from of our profits. These organisations are chosen by our clients.

Tarem Services have been successfully making donations to various charities for some time.  This includes The Cancer Research Trust, Guide Dogs for the Blind, NSPCC and many more.  All have benefited, simply from a client choosing to use our service.

If you are one of these organisations or you know of an organisation that could benefit from our quarterly award of £250, please get in touch.  Our team will do the rest.


Carbon neutral cleaning

Our planet matters to us as much as the society upon it.  With this in mind, the carbon emissions from each contract are offset, making our cleaning contracts carbon neutral. We also assist clients to we minimise landfill waste whilst monitoring waste output.

As part of our drive and efforts to reduce our environmental impact, we endeavour as far as practicably possible to use cleaning products that are not harmful environment on our contracts.

We have innovated over the past 20 years. We not only clean your environment ethically, but ensure the waste being produced by our clients are monitored and reported on a monthly basis.

Get in touch today and find out how our Eco-friendly cleaning services can benefit your organisation as well as becoming part of our social enterprise movement.

Social Impact Report

Tarem Services Impact Report August 2021 – July 2022

Tarem Social Impact Report August 2020- July 2021

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