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Empowering Financial Well-being: Tarem Services Teams Up with Pocket Power!

We are excited to share Tarem Services is embarking on a new pilot project in collaboration with Pocket Power to enhance the financial well-being of our staff. This initiative aligns with our mission to tackle in-work poverty and improve employees’ quality of life.

About the Pilot Project

We are piloting this with a select group, helping them save money on their household bills and access discounts and grants they never knew existed. Pocket Power’s services include:

Bills health check: Making sure people are on the right tariffs and not overpaying on their household bills, including energy, water, broadband and mobile phones.
Switching: Helping people switch to better deals, including to social tariffs when relevant which can reduce water and broadband bills by over 50%
Unclaimed Benefits: Helping people access some of the £23 billion in unclaimed benefits and discounts in the UK.

Why This Matters

This collaboration strengthens our commitment to fighting in-work poverty and achieving financial security for our employees. By partnering with Pocket Power, we provide practical financial solutions and reinforce our dedication to their well-being.

We can’t wait to share the positive impact of this initiative and what we learn to improve the users’ experience!

RISQS Accreditation Achievement

Tarem Services Limited has once again achieved the recognised RISQS accreditation this month.

The Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) is a highly recognised certification within the rail sector, recognising suppliers who consistently deliver exceptional products and services. This accreditation not only underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence and reliability but also reaffirms our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in the industry. At Tarem Services Limited, we are proud to be recognised for our efforts and will continue to uphold the values that have earned us this esteemed certification.

Tarem Services at Social Procurement Meetup (SEUK) Event

Strengthening Social Impact through Collaboration

We had a great time at the Social Procurement Meetup (SEUK) event held at Signing Tree, also a social enterprise, in Birmingham yesterday. It was fantastic catching up with the wonderful SEUK team and other social enterprise businesses, as well as having the opportunity to network with SEUK corporate clients. Engaging with like-minded organisations and potential partners continues to strengthen our impact, ensuring our efforts in providing fair wages and sustainable practices resonate across the business community.

Tarem Services remains committed to promoting social value through fair employment and environmentally friendly operations.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Tarem Services Partners with The Prince’s Trust and Young Lewisham Project

On Tuesday, 14th May 2024, Tarem Services proudly partnered with The Prince’s Trust and the Young Lewisham Project to host the ‘Empowering Young People Through Enterprise’ event, drawing a full room of enthusiastic young people aged 14-16. The day kicked off with the energetic icebreaker ‘Two Truths and a Lie,’ fostering immediate connections among attendees.

Keynote speakers Dovile Catterick from Wates and Calvin Howe from VolkerFitzpatrick delivered insightful presentations about the business landscape, highlighting viable career paths and support mechanisms for young people. The session by The Prince’s Trust’s Enterprise team, led by Megan Williams and Kevin Sutton, featured an interactive business game that emphasised the importance of teamwork and strategic planning.

Tarem Services’ Managing Director, Titus Komolafe, gave an inspiring talk about navigating business challenges, marking Tarem Services’ 25 years of resilience and innovation. The event concluded with a motivational speech from Lewisham’s Mayor, Brenda Dacres, who encouraged the young participants to pursue entrepreneurial paths.

Attendees left the event with new connections, enhanced understanding, and goodie bags stocked with entrepreneurial tools. At Tarem Services, we are deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs through impactful engagement and community driven initiatives.

View photos from the event on our  Linkedin  page.

Celebrating 25 Years of Tarem Services!

We’re proud to kick off our 25th Anniversary celebration week, commemorating a quarter-century of delivering exceptional service and creating social impact. Since 1999, Tarem Services has been dedicated to tackling in-work poverty and providing sustainable, ethical cleaning and labour services.

Thank You for 25 Years of Support

A heartfelt thank you to our staff, clients, Social Enterprise UK, and our partners for their unwavering support in driving social impact. Your trust and collaboration have shaped our journey.

Join Our Celebration

Watch our anniversary video highlighting some of our proudest achievements here

A Legacy of Social Enterprise and Community Impact

13th May 2024

Tarem Services Limited Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

This month, Tarem Services Limited marks a significant milestone – 25 years of pioneering efforts in social enterprise, deeply rooted in our mission to tackle in-work poverty and promote sustainable practices. Founded in 1999 with crucial support from The Prince’s Trust, our journey has been driven by a commitment to integrate business excellence with profound social responsibility.

Celebratory Highlights: A Testament to Our Commitment to Social and Environmental Progress
The anniversary celebrations will spotlight our unwavering commitment to employee welfare and our influential role in enhancing community and environmental sustainability. Events planned include:

  • Youth Empowerment Initiative: The ‘Empowering Young People Through Enterprise’ event, scheduled for Tuesday, 14th May, collaborates with The Prince’s Trust and the Young Lewisham Project. This initiative aims to inspire an entrepreneurial spirit in young individuals, steering them towards sustainable futures. We are honoured to have the support of Lewisham’s Mayor, Brenda Dacres.
  • Volunteer Initiatives: In a display of solidarity and commitment to our communities, employees from Tarem Services and our partners will volunteer at local food banks—Burnt Oak Foodbank (9th May), White City Community Food Hub (13th May), and Community Food Enterprise (16th May). These efforts focus on combating food insecurity and strengthening community support.

Looking Ahead: A Reaffirmation of Growth and Empowerment
Titus Komolafe, Managing Director of Tarem Services, said, “This milestone isn’t just about celebrating past achievements; it’s a reaffirmation of our commitment to future growth and empowerment. We are grateful for the ongoing support from The Prince’s Trust, Social Enterprise UK, our clients, and various organisations. This support has empowered us to remain dedicated to creating an environment where our employees thrive and driving social impact where our community flourishes.”

A Supporting Voice from The Prince’s Trust:
Kevin Sutton, Head of Service Delivery for London at The Prince’s Trust, commented, “At The Prince’s Trust, we work with young people from disadvantaged communities by supporting them in building the confidence and skills to live, learn and earn. The success of Tarem Services Limited is evidence that when young people receive support in the early days of starting a business, there will be a benefit to both the wider community and future economy for decades to come.”

Join Us in Celebrating a Quarter Century of Impact:
We invite all stakeholders to join in our celebrations. For more details on how you can actively engage with our events and initiatives, please contact us directly at

Countdown to Tarem Services Limited’s Anniversary!

Celebrating 25 Years of Making a Difference

Since our inception in 1999, grounded in principles of driving social impact, our journey at Tarem Services Limited has been transformative. As we begin the 5-week countdown to our 25th anniversary, we’re filled with both anticipation and deep gratitude.

Reflecting on 25 years dedicated to tackling in-work poverty, uplifting our employees, and leading in sustainable practices within the cleaning and labour services sector, we see this milestone not merely as a celebration of our past achievements but as a beacon for a future of even greater impact.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our clients, employees, and partners, whose unwavering support has been pivotal to our journey.

Stay tuned for more updates as we count down to celebrating 25 years of dedicated service, innovation, and profound social impact.

Enrique’s Journey: Growth Through Tarem Services and Wates Partnership

At Tarem Services, we measure our success by the growth of our team. Enrique’s story exemplifies our belief in nurturing potential to foster personal and professional development.

Enrique’s Path to Empowerment
Facing unexpected health challenges, Enrique was compelled to reassess his priorities and career path, prompting him to seek a role that prioritised his well-being and future prospects. In 2020 he joined Tarem Services as a Welfare Cleaning Operative at Wates, Cambridgeshire where he found more than just a job; he found a community committed to supporting his growth. His dedication and hard work led to an opportunity to enhance his skills through the NPORS Plant Machinery Marshal course, paid by our client, Wates. This achievement marked a significant milestone in Enrique’s journey with us.

A New Role and a Sense of Ownership
Recently completing the course was a transformative moment for Enrique. With new skills in hand, he expanded his role to become a Welfare Cleaning Operative and Traffic Marshall. But the true significance of Enrique’s story lies in his sense of ownership within the company. As a co-owner, Enrique is not just an employee but a vital part of our mission. This sense of belonging and pride is what sets our team members’ experiences apart, reinforcing our belief that success is a shared journey.

We also extend our heartfelt thanks to Wates for their support and investment in our team members like Enrique.

Be Part of Our Mission
Enrique’s story is a testament to the opportunities and sense of community we offer at Tarem Services. Inspired by his journey? Join us in our mission to deliver impactful services while nurturing an environment of growth, ownership, and social responsibility.

Making a Difference this Christmas!

As a response to the cost of living crisis, Tarem/CBRE and St Stephen Parish donated 100 Christmas essential bags to White City residents at Our Lady of Fatima Church Food Project this week. Some of Tarem employees teamed up with other volunteers at the project to help and distribute the essential bags.

A heartfelt quote from one of White City residents resonates deeply: “It may not seem like a lot but to someone like me that doesn’t have any money to put towards Christmas this year. These items in the bag helps to keep me going and gives me spare change to be able to get bread or milk I may need over Christmas and the New Year. It’s also given me the money to get the bus to go and see my family on Boxing Day.”

Living Wage Week 2023

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