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Enrique’s Journey: Growth Through Tarem Services and Wates Partnership

At Tarem Services, we measure our success by the growth of our team. Enrique’s story exemplifies our belief in nurturing potential to foster personal and professional development.

Enrique’s Path to Empowerment
Facing unexpected health challenges, Enrique was compelled to reassess his priorities and career path, prompting him to seek a role that prioritised his well-being and future prospects. In 2020 he joined Tarem Services as a Welfare Cleaning Operative at Wates, Cambridgeshire where he found more than just a job; he found a community committed to supporting his growth. His dedication and hard work led to an opportunity to enhance his skills through the NPORS Plant Machinery Marshal course, paid by our client, Wates. This achievement marked a significant milestone in Enrique’s journey with us.

A New Role and a Sense of Ownership
Recently completing the course was a transformative moment for Enrique. With new skills in hand, he expanded his role to become a Welfare Cleaning Operative and Traffic Marshall. But the true significance of Enrique’s story lies in his sense of ownership within the company. As a co-owner, Enrique is not just an employee but a vital part of our mission. This sense of belonging and pride is what sets our team members’ experiences apart, reinforcing our belief that success is a shared journey.

We also extend our heartfelt thanks to Wates for their support and investment in our team members like Enrique.

Be Part of Our Mission
Enrique’s story is a testament to the opportunities and sense of community we offer at Tarem Services. Inspired by his journey? Join us in our mission to deliver impactful services while nurturing an environment of growth, ownership, and social responsibility.

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