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Office Cleaning

Keeping your office looking clean and attractive is essential in order to maintain a professional image. Staff and visitors will also benefit so much from working within a space that is well cared for and maintained. Illness can be reduced and those entering your offices impressed by the presentation of your brand image.

The team at Tarem Services make taking care of your office cleaning process simple, valuing consistency and attention to detail. We understand that in a busy environment, an immaculate work space is essential but can be difficult to maintain. Our office cleaning service take care of this, working to the high standards that our clients have come to expect from us. Choose from a one-off or contracted office cleaning service, enabling us to keep your space consistently clean. Whether it is a single office once a week or an entire floor once a day, Tarem Services can supply and manage your contracted cleaning services, tailoring our regime to fit with your needs.

Having spent 20 years delivering office cleaning in London and throughout the rest of the UK, we learned to never underestimate the lasting impression that a consistently clean space can make on clients and customers. At the same time, the well being of your staff will be maintained and morale kept high. Whist working within your premises, we take great care to protect and preserve your security and the safety of anyone in the area.

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School cleaning

In order to ensure the safety and good health of students, educational facilities such as schools and colleges need to be kept hygienically clean. This can be a particularly demanding environment for cleaners due to the large amounts of students and staff using the premises daily. Careful attention has to be paid to hygiene as viruses and illnesses can spread quickly in such a heavily populated environment. By making use of our cleaning service, absences can be minimized and students provided with an attractive and safe working environment.

In order to comply with your security requirements, all staff at Tarem Services are fully DBS checked. By wearing company uniforms, we also make sure that they can be easily identified. Rigorous team supervision and quality auditing enable us to maintain the high standards required whilst working in your premises, providing full peace of mind.

Our school and college cleaning service will be tailored to suit your premises but will normally include cleaning of wash rooms, classrooms and hard floors. Phones, door handles and computer keyboards can also be sanitised, including those in administrative areas, helping to prevent staff absences. Our service also extends to activity areas such as sports halls and arenas. When events are taking place, we can provide a cleaning service for this too. We often take advantage of school holiday periods in order to conduct intensive cleaning programmes which cannot take place during term-time.

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Window Cleaning

Your image as an organisation is an invaluable asset and one that needs to be maintained at all times. As a high-class operation, in order to ensure an air of professionalism, your premises need to be clean, fresh and welcoming. Imagine visitors assessing you based upon dirty and smeared glass partitions or windows; this is something that you cannot afford to risk.

Our window cleaning service is of prime importance to any premises manager who wants to create a positive impression of their brand. Our cleaners will remove smudges, stains, prints and dirt from glass paneling, revolutionize the look of your space and creating a high-performance work environment.

During 20 years of operating within the window cleaning business, we have finely honed our skills. Our technicians are qualified in a range of techniques including traditional ladder and bucket as well as multiple Reach and Wash systems. With each window washing service being customized to suit your premises, we are also able to supply abseil qualified cleaners and cherry pickers for those windows with slightly more of a view. The end result is a cleaning regime perfectly tailored to suit your needs.

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Carpet Cleaning

Does your building look fresh and clean when you enter? Are your carpets spotless and unsoiled or looking the worse for wear? No matter how much traffic your carpets need to deal with, not ensuring that they are dirt-free and immaculate is a mistake you cannot afford to make. By keeping them fresh and clean, as well as impressing visitors, you are attending to the health and well-being of people in the vicinity. Whether you are responsible for maintaining a commercial property, office or an educational institution, our carpet cleaning service will also improve the appearance, dexterity, and lifespan of the carpet itself. We can offer specialist carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning and stain removal.

Whether it is a spill that needs tending to urgently, or regular cleans booked to keep your carpet looking and smelling fresh, then consider us your number one choice for floor maintenance and carpet cleaning in London and the rest of the UK.

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Pest Control

The team at Tarem Services provide a comprehensive and efficient pest control service. Make use of our ongoing maintenance programme to keep problems like rodents at bay. We also provide emergency assistance to deal with an influx of pests, such as moths via our pest control service in London and the rest of the UK.

We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that clients receive regular and accurate information about their pest control treatments and planned maintenance. Our team are able to deal with almost all infestation problems, including the following:

  • Cockroaches and beetles
  • Moths, wasps and all flying insects
  • Rodents, including mice and rats

Should you have a problem with protected species, such as bats, speak with our team to see how they can be dealt with legally and safely.

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Washroom Supplies

Look no further than Tarem Services for the provision of washroom supplies throughout London and the rest of the UK. Here you will find all that you need, including such standard supplies as sanitary bins, dispensers as well as consumables such as washing up liquid, dishwashing tablet, black bags, hand towels and toilet rolls etc.

We can provide washroom supplies on a one-off basis or on a monthly contract, all in line with your available budget. By allowing us to take care of your janitorial supplies, you ensure that you never run out of essential items, saving time and ensuring continuity of services. Your business is left running smoothly and efficiently, ensuring that all are provided with a safe and clean environment in which to operate.

Get in touch today, ask about our free quotation service and find out how we can take care of your washroom and janitorial supply requirements.

Construction Welfare Cleaning

For more than 20 years, Tarem Services has been regarded as London leading social enterprise cleaning company. Construction site offices and welfare facilities are just one of the areas that we service throughout the UK.

By law, contractors and developers must make sure that employees have adequate welfare facilities such as toilets, drying rooms and a canteen etc. Our construction welfare cleaning takes place throughout the whole period of the build to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved whilst using these facilities.

Construction companies, contractors and developers benefit in so many ways when they choose Tarem Services to take care of their construction welfare cleaning:

  • Our site operatives are fully CSCS registered.
  • We are accredited with and
  • We use site specific RAMs, not generic processes, enabling us to identify risks specific to each site and create mitigation strategies to suit.
  • We are both ISO 9001 & 14001 accredited.
  • Our fully trained staff undergo site/project specific additional training.
  • Our service is fully bespoke to match with your requirements.
  • As ethical employers, our 90% staff retention rate speaks for itself!
  • We focus on the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly sourcing solutions for our products. This is achieved by using only suppliers who supply multiple products/resources using minimal packaging; we avoid excessive transport costs and an increase in our carbon footprint as well as any unnecessary waste.
  • With teams based all over the UK, our local coverage is extensive.
  • Our high client satisfaction rate speaks for itself.

Get in touch today, ask about our free quotation service and find out how we can take care of your every construction welfare cleaning requirement

Construction labour supply

Much more than purely a supplier of construction welfare cleaning, Tarem Services can also supply labourers and tradesmen to the construction sector. Covering the whole of the UK, we have the expertise, knowledge and necessary resources to provide a wide range of construction-related recruitment solutions. Our flexible, professional approach allows us to supply specialised construction tradesman to Main contractors & sub-contractors within the construction industry.

Get in touch today, ask about our free quotation service and find out how we can take care of your construction labour supply requirements.

House Clearance and Waste Management

Clearing waste of any type can be incredibly time consuming, whether domestic or industrial. Our house clearance and waste management service saves you time and money by moving items for you. This can be furniture, personal effects or even commercial waste. Whether you need a one-off collection or a regular service, you will find our offering totally efficient and professional.

Choose from:

  • Domestic property clearance. If you are clearing the home of a family member, we understand that it can be both stressful and upsetting. By allowing us to take care of the whole process, we can alleviate your worries, leaving the property cleared and ready to use.
  • Commercial waste removal if you produce waste on a regular basis and need it removed safely and efficiently, we provide a regular service, tailored to suit your needs.
  • Specialist hoarding clearance service. No matter how much debris has accrued, will clear the house plus any outbuildings and gardens or any kind of rubbish, leaving the property accessible.


Get in touch today, ask about our free quotation service and find out how we can take care of your house clearance and waste management requirements.

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